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What is the Voice Assessment and why do I need to pass it?

The Voice Assessment is a free and fast 10 minute evaluation that is conducted over the telephone. It measures your vocal quality and your ability to interact with customers over the phone.

Is This Real?

Our partner Arise has been in business since 1994 and has been featured on multiple news networks. Also, just ask one of the tens of thousands of Clients Support Professionals and you will hear a resounding 'Yes'.

Our partner Arise was founded in 1994 in the US as a consortium between founders, Bell South Telecom and the State of Florida, with the intention of finding work for people with a disability in Florida. Arise pioneered the home based agent model and to date remains the ONLY company with agents as business owners. UK operation opened in 2008 and Canada in 2010. Currently, Arise boasts of over 50 clients representing over 50 million customers worldwide and over 26,500 agents worldwide (US,UK & Canada).

What does the work involve?

The work mainly consists of taking inbound customer calls involving customer service.  You will choose the client you wish to service and there can be an element of sales involved.

Are there any costs associated with this opportunity?

Unfortunately, there are many scams that exists in the virtual work from home space. Our partner Arise, on the other hand, is a legitimate work­from­home opportunity. Now regarding Costs...There is a fee of £23 for the Background Check and this is payable directly to "Disclosure Scotland". And then there is a fee for undertaking Client Certification Course from £20 - £50 depending on the length and complexity of the certification course and is payable directly to our partner. Back Ground Check fee will be recouped once you begin servicing a Client program. Better yet, the management at 14STARS UK has agreed to reimburse  the cost of the Back Ground Check after 90 consecutive days of service while meeting the required Commitment Adherence metrics on their chosen programme.

What is the Background Check and why do I need to pass it?

Requirements regarding the impact of background check may vary from project to project. We do not contract with any Agent who has been convicted, pled guilty or pled no contest to any felony, or certain misdemeanour charges, including but not limited to theft, fraud, drug, violence or other similar violations. In addition, certain clients require background checks in order to access their systems and interact with their customers. Therefore, a background check is required. (There is a fee of 25 gbp for the Background Check and this is payable directly to "Disclosure Scotland")

What is CSP 101 and why do I need to pass it?

CSP 101 – a Basic Certification course ­ covers all the skills and information you need to know about Arise and its systems before providing services within the Arise Network. There are two ways to complete CSP 101: • SELF-­PACED: Choose your own speed, up to 7 days. • INSTRUCTOR­-LED: complete CSP 101 in 1 business day! (There is a fee for undertaking CSP 101. This fee is usually £15 and sometimes free varies from time to time. )

​What is a Client Certification Class/Course and why do you need to pass it?

The Course is designed to share client program specific policy, product, procedures and systems knowledge. The Certification courses that a CSP will need in order to service a particular brand take any where from one week up to five weeks to complete. (There is a fee for undertaking Client Certification Course. This fee starts from £20 and is payable directly to our partner)

Do I have to be a U.K. citizen in order to contract with 14STARS UK?

No. However proof of the "Right to Work" in the UK will be required.

Is the role of Client Support Professional an Employee position ?

No. You will be an Independent Contractor (Self-employed) and will be responsible for paying your own taxes. 14STARS UK does not deduct taxes from your pay. 

When to register as Self­ Employed ?

You should tell HMRC as soon as you start working with 14STARS UK. You can register in advance but must do this within three months of starting. If you delay registering, you may have to pay an initial penalty. You will have to pay further penalties if payments become due and have not been met. For more details and to register as a self-employed please visit:-  GOV.UK 

How much can I earn?

Your rate of pay will vary based on the client you choose to service. These earnings will also be corresponding with 1) the number of hours you wish to service; and 2) your metric ratings. Your metric rating is a performance based system that is used to grade your performance. The higher your performance, the higher your pay. Pay rate generally adds up to between £8.00 and £11 per hour with some sales and service applications providing performance incentives and bonuses.

How many hours can I work?

There is a minimum of 15-20 hours per week required under on most clients applications. However you can work as many hours as you desire. Hours are posted weekly and you will book your schedule on a first come, first served basis.

Do you pay overtime?

No. However, bonuses may be awarded to Independent Contractors who exceed performance metric standards.

How often will I get paid?

We pay twice a month via direct bank transfer with accompanying electronic revenue slip with the details and breakdown of your earnings along with any incentives if applicable.

Who is responsible for paying tax?

As an Independent Contractor you are responsible for paying your own taxes. In order for you to work with 14STARS UK we require that your taxes are paid and up to date and all relevant documentation is maintained. During the year we may contact you for evidence of this documentation.

Is it possible to take time off?

While the Statement of Work will specify the minimum weekly commitment for the application, we understand that on occasion, you will not be able to service due to emergencies or other commitments. You should advise us that you will not be servicing for a period of time and will not book any shifts for the period in question. Please keep in mind that as an Independent Contractor, the decision not to service is yours; however, failure to meet the contractual metrics may negatively affect our standing. If you are not servicing for 30 consecutive days or more, you might be required to complete the certification class again.

Do I get paid holidays/sick leave?

This is not an employment opportunity. CSPs can take time off but will not receive service fees for the time not servicing. As an Independent Contractor, the decision not to service is yours.

Do you charge a servicing fee?

Once you start servicing Arise charges a £20 monthly platform usage fee for using their infrastructure/technology systems. Our  IBO fee varies from  £15.99 - £19.99  and this will be deducted monthly prior to direct deposit. These fees are used to cover back office support for you the entire time you are working as an Independent Contractor. We will be here helping you along every path and making sure all your questions are answered and you are able to work. The monthly fee is only payable for the CSPs that are servicing.

Can I change my schedule at short notice?

You can release hours at short notice if necessary. We ask all CSPs to release hours no less than 48 hours in advance. If hours need to be released at shorter notice, this is possible however it may affect your metrics. It is also possible to book extra hours at short notice.

Can I service outside the UK?

This opportunity is currently only available in UK, US and Canada however the opportunity may become open to other countries in the future.

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